About Migraine

Migraine is characterised by recurrent headaches which are often accompanied by visual disturbances, nausea and vomiting.Migraines can last for several days and may be preceded by a period of feeling offcolour and irritable, known as the prodrome. A tendency to migraines sometimes runs in families, suggesting that genetic factors may play a role. Treatment involves a range of measures, such as dietary changes, massage and relaxation, as well as medication to treat an attack and prevent further attacks from occurring.

Migraines are thought to be caused by a sudden widening of blood vessels that supply the brain, which in turn irritates the nerves surrounding the blood vessels. The reason for this is unknown, but various factors may be involved. Certain foods, for example, play a role in triggering migraines in many people. Low blood-sugar levels, low levels of magnesium in the diet, female hormones and stress also seem to be contributory factors. Some people develop migraine-type headaches in response to vigorous exercise, possibly because it causes an increase in blood pressure and blood flow. Trigger points and nerve irritation in the head and neck are also thought by some to trigger severe headaches that are either true migraines or very similar.

TYPES OF MIGRAINE There are two main types of migraine. The first is “classical” migraine, in which the headache and nausea are preceded or accompanied by an event known as an aura. This may involve a range of phenomena, including visual disturbances, tingling and/or numbness in various parts of the body and feelings of restlessness or depression.What causes the aura is not fully understood. The second type is common migraine, in which there is no aura preceding the headache. Some people experience “visual” migraine, in which they have visual disturbances but no headache. Others, especially children, have “abdominal” migraine, in which the pain is experienced as a stomach ache or stomach upset rather than a headache.Migraine is a significant cause of headache in children.


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