Keeping a clear head

Headaches seem to decline in number as the years pass. However, that doesn’t mean we always have a clear head. Natural remedies can be effective-but before trying these, make sure you are not dehydrated by drinking water or eat a snack in case you are experiencing a blood-sugar dip. If symptoms are severe seek medical attention.

Stay focused
When concentration starts to fail, place 3 drops essential oil of basil or rosemary on a handkerchief. Inhale when you need to stay focused. (Avoid rosemary oil if you have epilepsy.)

Balancing the brain
To improve focus by enhancing right/left brain function, stand with feet hip-width apart. Raise your right knee and touch it with your left hand, then raise the left knee and touch it with your right hand. Repeat at least 20 times to feel little brighter.